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I help people and businesses make significantly greater profit through entrepreneurship and marketing; I do this in four ways:

  • Collecting all the missed profit that’s actually sat there just waiting to be collected
  • Get you as many customers as you want or can handle – yes as many as you want!
  • Maximising the profitability of every customer, client or partner
  • Systemising and automating a significant proportion of each of the three steps above

I learn from these people

27 Apr I learn from

In Person and Online Training Even though I’ve been in marketing and entrepreneurship for many years there are always improvements that I can make and one major source of education for me is in person and online training. Being a successful entrepreneur is all about constant improvement...

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Award Winning

30 Mar Award Winning doesn’t mean good either

A short time ago I ruffled a few feathers saying being certified and qualified people aren’t necessarily good at what they do and that people and businesses that dish out these certifications may have debatable credentials too, especially as training and certifying people in marketing...

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10 successful mindset by Adrian Fleming

16 Mar 10 Successful Mindset

Success comes in many forms, whether it’s in business, sport or personal situations, it’s also very specific to each individual – what constitutes success for me is different to what it is for you. However, the mindset of a successful person is consistent and, most...

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Features and Benefits

06 Mar Features and Benefits

There’s more to it than Features and Benefits – there are two other elements I was watching the UK TV show Dragon’s Den the other day when one of the people pitching for investment says he’d like to go through the benefits of his product with...

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