10 Successful Mindset - Adrian Fleming
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10 successful mindset by Adrian Fleming

10 Successful Mindset

Success comes in many forms, whether it’s in business, sport or personal situations, it’s also very specific to each individual – what constitutes success for me is different to what it is for you. However, the mindset of a successful person is consistent and, most importantly, learnable, no matter what goals and expectations you have.

The mindset principles you’re about to learn will help you overcome fear and doubt, believe it or not even the most successful people have this in some part of their life, which is actually not a bad thing unless it causes you to procrastinate.

Not everything successful people have done in the past or will do in the future works out as planned, that’s all part of being successful, in fact, the side effect of this is you refine the mindset you need.

The other interesting fact is that, no matter what you may think or have been told, successful people are not risk takers, they may have been in the past but because they understand success and what it takes now, they evaluate situations and opportunities, this means they don’t need to take risks.

Successful people like a challenge or a project to focus on. But not any old project will do, so mindset helps when picking the type and number of challenges and projects to take on, it’s also why successful people never seem to stop.

With the right mindset success is no accident, it’s an inevitability, so once you know the mindset attributes to adopt you can model and apply them to what you do and, over time, become successful too, in whatever areas of life you want.

To give you the biggest benefits, in the shortest possible time, I’ve written and explained each mindset very simply but in a way that helps you take it in and start to apply it, even subconsciously. I also decided to create a video version of this eBook for you too, this way I can help you more, enabling you to take things in on a variety of levels, boosting the effectiveness of what’s here.

So let’s get on with it…

Mindset 1

I take responsibility for what’s happened in the past and what will happen in the future.
This also relates to the fact they don’t dwell on the past but do use it as motivation and a reference as they take action towards their next set of achievements.

Mindset 2

I accept change, in fact I like it.
and looking ahead to the potential opportunities. Successful people know that change is inevitable and often don’t just adapt to it but also actively encourage and facilitate it – they know being “disruptive” can be very profitable and fulfilling.

Mindset 3

I know I can’t do everything.
and finding the right people to support their vision is part of the success mindset. This also relates to their what often looks like a personality based on perfectionism and having a controlling nature. Successful people are often seen as perfectionists and control freaks but in actual fact chasing these two things will just hold you back, so being able to accept when something is good enough is key.

Mindset 4

I actively look to learn and improve every day in every area.
and look for the shortcuts and efficiencies in key areas. Self-confidence is all part of this because with improved capability your ability to deliver your desired results increases and thus your confidence grows too. The concept that you complete your education by the age of around 18 to 21 years old is ridiculous, as is the concept of only earning up until the retirement age of about 65. When you have this mindset you always have the opportunity to learn, be successful, financially and in other areas too, and enjoy the benefits of your mindset any time you wish.

Mindset 5

I’m always open to looks for opportunities.
but knowing when to act on them because it’s all too easy to be distracted and excited by new things, however focus and using your skills in the best way will minimise any opportunity cost.

Mindset 6

I like to make decisions.
and be committed to them but not keen on taking risks. Successful people are good at making decisions and also realise that by taking the right ones, based on known as well as instinctive factors, you actually minimise risk, especially personally.

Mindset 7

I only focus on factors I can influence.
and don’t, unnecessarily, waste time, money and energy on things you can’t. Being “disruptive” in a market is a good thing, if you have the determination to make something happen, but

Mindset 8

I’m selfish and that’s a good thing.
but not in a bad way. Successful people often, in fact, most likely say “No” to what other people want because it doesn’t fit in with their plans and they also want people to fit in around them.

Mindset 9

I don’t worry about setbacks, in fact, the faster they happen the better.
but learn from them and accept that at times you have to cut your losses. There is also the mindset that competition is a good thing because it allows you to win.

Mindset 10

I don’t expect things to happen overnight.
Persistence is key and I’m also realistic.

This Is What To Do Next

If you don’t adopt the mindset principles shared here your chance of success is greatly reduced and the time it will take to get from where you are now to where you want to be will increase significantly if you make it there at all.

Your next step should be to develop your mindset and skills from the free or low-cost information and training I provide, which you can find at my website AdrianFleming.com.

I particularly encourage you to learn about how to be entrepreneurial and my E.S.T.O. principle in the free 4-part video training series I have on entrepreneurship called the Entrepreneur’s System – this is not just actionable information, it’s focused on your mindset and has tasks and insights that will develop this.

If you’re in business you should get my free eBooks – The Entrepreneur’s Manual and 101 Questions For Entrepreneurs, as well as other my printed, digital format and audiobooks – The Entrepreneur’s Book and More Sales Than You Can Handle, which you can buy from Amazon, as these will help you enormously, whether you’re just starting out or already running a business but not getting the results you want.

Also, make use of information, training, tools and techniques other experts provide, much of which is free via websites, blogs and podcasts. I learn from what others share, it also validates my own experiences and ideas too, so I know you’ll benefit from what they have to share too.

Some of you may want to work with me directly and now you have access to tools, skills and expertise that will allow you make that decision, but if that’s not right for you just yet these assets will help to shape your greater future.

No matter if you’re looking to be successful personally, in sport or in business, you can accomplish virtually anything and everything you want, but only when you have the right mindset – the mindset you’ve been shown here.

I’ll see you soon,