18 Best Ways To Get Local Customers For Your Business
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18 Best Ways To Get Local Customers

Let me share with you 18 free or very low cost and that you can do straight away to generate business and profit to get local customers for your business. Watch the video below so you can start generating more local customers.

18 Best Ways To Get Local Customers

Hi! I’m Adrian Fleming, and having been in business as long as I have, and done marketing and investing in other people, I know that every business, no matter what they are, can benefit from finding profitable, loyal, local customers, because local is a potential USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your business.

So in this video, just so you know, I’m not going to explain the best way to market what you do. If you want to know about marketing media and the methods, you’ll actually find it in a very, very comprehensive video I’ve created for you, completely free, called 85 Ways to Get Customers and Profit. You’ll find that in my website, adrianfleming.com.

So, I don’t want to duplicate things, I want to give you other information here. I’m also not going to cover online advertising which does work very well but can be quite costly. So it’s not about Facebook or Google or Pinterest or any networks out there, that’s not what I’m covering here. I’m also not going to cover local newspaper, TV, radio or billboard advertising either.

I’m going to focus here on things that are free or very low cost and that you can do straight away to generate business and profit. So, let’s get down to business and go through them.

I. Find Local Groups

You can find them in places like meetup.com online or Facebook Groups. When you do find them, make contact with them because you can probably sell what you do to that group of people, if they’re interested in what you do.

II. Referral Programs

That’s really important, something you can do. There’s actually lots of ways to do that, but think about referral program, getting people to tell you who you could sell to locally. That’s a great way to do things too.

III. Loyalty Programs

Keep people loyal. Give them a membership card; give them a discount if they’re loyal. Everybody’s doing it. When you’re at a coffee shop or a car wash or a doctor or dentist, there are loyalty program now that works incredibly well to local business and it will also help you, as I’ve mentioned before, with getting referrals.

IV. Membership

Memberships are really great because if you’re a member, you feel more involved, you feel part of a club. That’s a really great way to generate local business.

V. Local PR

Get involved locally. Start talking to journalists, with the press, radio, TV, or even bloggers locally. That’s a great way to find, and keep and promote to your local audience. So that’s something I highly recommend.

VI. Review Sites

The obvious one is Tripadvisor. Get on there, people looking for things locally, as well as when they go on holiday. If you can get really, really good comments from people and here’s an example from Tripadvisor, it’s something important to your business locally. So I highly recommend that.

VII. Trial / Taster Sessions

Something people do, whether for their gym or whether samples of what you do, that’s really important, hand things out. Make sure you’re allowed to, but go on to the streets or into places where there’ lots of footfall, give people samples, get them involved, tell them about it, hand out leaflets; that’s a fantastic way to generate local business.

VIII. Sponsorship

Big companies and small companies do this. They sponsor people, events, local sports team, you name it. Sponsoring local things, people, and events can get you some great local business.

IX. Direct Mail

Think about coupons, think about offers. It’s not so popular here in the UK, but in the US, you’ve got coupon days for the local newspaper. That’s a great way to generate local business.

X. Point of Sale Material (Including Signage)

If you’re somewhere, for example, in a retail unit, you need to have signage. You need to make sure that you’ve got signs pointing people to come to you to tell them about what you do. You’ll also want to make sure, outside your retail place, has a sign, is inviting, want people to think ‘you know what, that looks nice, come in’. That is all about local business, make the most of where you physically are, in a physical sense.

XI. Networking

There are plenty of networking events for all sorts of people, in all sorts of industries. So, go to the website, like findnetworkingevents.com, and find out the right group for you to get involved in in networking locally. LinkedIn is another example. Search for things locally, you’ll find them there. LinkedIn is a business social network, use it like that.

XII. Strategic Alliances

Find complementary businesses. I’ve done this for several of my businesses in the past. I’ve found people who have the same type of customer and I’ve formed a strategic alliance so that I make money and they make money. It’s a great way to build a local business at a very, very small investment cost.

XIII. Cold Calling (in person and on the phone)

Not my favourite thing, but on a local basis, if you do it right, and there are ways to do it right by the way, you can do this in person, and on the phone, and get incredible results. But I say there is some ways to do that, but I’m not going to go into that here, it’s a big conversation, but when done right, cold calling is a fantastic way to generate local business.

XIV. Leaflets

There’s lots of ways to do it. Here’s an example of a leaflet dispenser in a tourist area. Lots of people get involved in that, people go to these places and they see other leaflets and think ‘you know what, I can go to that’. That’s a great way of taking people who are physically in an area, you know what they’re doing, and you can promote to them with what you do, very quickly and easily.

XV. Word-of-Mouth

Get your customer service right, get your social media right, and you will be amazed how much local business, through word-of-mouth, you can generate.

XVI. Local Tourist Body

Not everywhere is a tourist location. One of my places is in Northamptonshire, not somewhere you think of for lots of tourists, however, they have a tourist board. Somewhere else, Poole, on the south coast of the UK, somewhere I am, it’s very tourist-orientated with beaches and things like that. Their tourist groups are very, very powerful and very influential; you should be looking for your local authority to help you generate local business.

XVII. Local Charities

Charities are a great way to connect with the local community. Here’s an example of a charity, and it’s actually something I went to. I was invited by a supplier of mine; they had a table, an event, with the current world heavyweight boxing champion, and it was a great night. They raised thousands and thousands pounds, in fact, they raised a little over £20,000 at the evening for this one charity, which is a local charity and they got local businesses to support it and it’s a great way to build your business and get new customers.

XVIII. Tap in to Education

Teach there and get them involved because local education is all about local business as well. So the Northampton University, they have a section on the website, and you’ll find this in colleges and universities all around the world, they want to get local business involved, so you can make use of that to generate not just local new business, but tapping to talent. Get things for a far lower cost that you could use every week or every so often, as you need it in your business.


So there you are, now you’ve got what I consider to be the 18 best ways to generate business locally, and none of them cost a fortune, in fact, most of them are very, very low-cost. And remember, there’s also the 85 Ways to Get Customers and Profit video training, so if you use that, and this together, it’s incredibly powerful and 100% free.

So, thank you very much, as I say I’ve got 100s more free resources in my website, adrianfleming.com. And you can find me on Facebook and you can find me on Twitter, the details are on the page. So I say, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you profit from it, I hope you use what you’ve learned in this video with some of my other free resources and really profit as a result.

I’ll see you soon.

Do you have any other ways to get local customers that you can share? Please let me know below!