21 Ways To stay Motivated
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21 Ways To Stay Motivated

Would you like to know the 21 ways to stay recharge or motivated. I would like to share with you my 21 tips to stay motivated. Watch the video below or you can read the article so you can stay motivated.

21 Ways to Stay Motivated in Business

Hello there! I’m Adrian Fleming, and having been in business for way over 20 years now, I’ve learned that even if you do something you love, there are times when you need to pick yourself up or work through a problem.

So, that’s why I’ve created this training, because willpower alone is never enough; it’s not going to get you to where you want to go, just on its own. You need ways to motivate yourself.

Now, as Woody Allen says, here’s a great quote, “80% of success is showing up”, and that’s what you’ve got to do, and that’s where you need the motivation.

You’ll also find in books, for example, like The War of Art, they talk about being professional. There are things holding you back, but when you’re a professional, you do turn up, you do work through things and motivation is critical for that.

And as I go through this training, some of the tips you’re going to get, you can build on as you go, so you’re going to get better at it automatically without really much effort.

There are other ways to “recharge”. What I mean by that, well, is sometimes, you’re flagging anything, I’m not sure why I’m doing this, actually, recharge, that’s a way to really motivate you and get you going back in the direction you really want to be going.
And there are others that are immediate problem solving tactics, and you’ll see those too, because sometimes, you just need a solution, and you need it right now, so I’m going to give you those in this free training.

So here are my tips to staying motivated:

1. Know why you’re doing it

When you know why you’re doing something, it’s much, much easier to get back and focus on where you’re going.

So that may be because of money, but it might be more to do with family. It might be to do with proving a point, it might be to do with an overall purpose, a set of values, so you’ve got to think ‘why am I doing this’, and when you know why you’re doing it, it’s very, very easy to get back to being highly, highly motivated. And this is probably the most important factor and should be motivation enough.

So, really, if you’re not sure why you’re doing something, make sure you work it out, you write it down, and you get that focus because that will help you every single day.

And the thing is, if what you do is a passion, or a mission, there’s no such thing as a sacrifice. People say, a work-life balance, but the reality is, if you’re doing something for the right reasons, there’s no sacrifice involved. It’s the right thing to be doing, so that is my number one thing to tell you on motivation.

2. Think about your customers

Think about what your competitors are doing that are not good enough. Think about what you’re doing, what you’re benefiting your customer base with. That’s really motivational; I find that really, really powerful.

3. Break down what’s frustrating you

Quite often, when you do that, you realize, actually the problem’s quite small and you can get somebody else to deal with that, or you can put it to one side, but that’s a great way to stay motivated.

4. Get back to a strategy

You need to have a strategy for what you’re doing.

And I’ve done training about this, and you can find it, it’s completely free, it’s on The Entrepreneur’s System. You’ll find that on my website.

But if you’ve got a strategy, and you understand strategy and entrepreneurship, that would really, really help you.

5. Change the Scene

Quite often, I find, if I’m not motivated, my energy levels are where they’re not meant to be, to do the best job I can.

I want to change my scene, I may go do some exercise, I may go out for a walk, and I may just work from a different place.

By changing the scene, what I’m looking at, rather than the windows from my office, and the view outside my office, that can really help, that can really motivate me.

And following on from that…

6. Have a way to take your mind off any problem

As I say, exercise or something fun. One of the things about motivating, I find, is when I’m in a car, I don’t have the mental capacity to be thinking about problems at work by taking my mind off the problems or the lack of motivation, and doing something completely different, when I come back I’m credibly motivated.

The other thing, I find, is that if I go and do something else, again, exercise probably being the most relevant, but sometimes it can be just sitting down, having a coffee, or enjoying the scenery, the solution literally pops into my brain, because subconsciously, my brain’s working away, even though it’s not stressing me out. So that’s a great way to stay motivated too.

7. Get inspired by somebody else

I often find particularly, here’s an admission, if I’m driving down the motorway, I may be going to a meeting in London, I’m thinking ‘It’s early in the morning, I’m tired, I don’t really know whether I want to go to this meeting’, but I’ve got to get inspired, I’ve got to get motivated.

Listening to a podcast, or an interview, or even part of a book can really inspire me, so third-party can inspire me, even if they’re not physically there.

But you can go and find a mentor, you can find a coach, you can find people around you to inspire you. So get somebody, or multiple people to inspire you and motivate you. So, friends, family, even the media, as I say, that’s the way to do it, that’s the way to stay motivated.

8. Reward yourself

Don’t wait for the big end goal; keep yourself rewarded as you go.
If you’re struggling, if you’re lacking motivation, go and do something. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, or it could be a big thing, depending on what you like, but I highly recommend to people − stay motivated by rewarding yourself along your journey.

9. Map that journey so you can see how far you’ve come.

If you go and look at what Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan says, too many people live in what he calls the ‘gap’, which is not right.

If you map your journey, where you’ve come from to where you are now, you can see a large number of progressions – that is motivational, that will help.

10. Get advice

Like I’ve said earlier, get somebody to be a mentor, a coach, or get a team of people around you, because by getting advice, you can sound out a problem or talk to somebody and they go ‘you know what, I had that and I worked through it by doing this’ – that’s a great way to stay motivated.

Number 11, and this is really, really critical.

11. Ask: Is it still right?

Is what you’re doing still the right thing to do?

People say about quitting, winners never quit, things like that, that is absolute rubbish. You’ve got to make sure you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons.

In fact, Seth Godin did a book called “The Dip”, and that’s all about when to stick at something and when not to. So that’s great motivation on its own.

This is really important, you’ve got to make sure, and evaluate on a regular basis, ‘is what I’m doing the right thing?’

If it is, that will motivate you. If it’s not, then you can change. Be open to change, it’s really critical that you’re open to change.

Ask: “Am I committed?”

Again, I suggest you only do things you’re genuinely committed to. And that goes back to the first thing I said about knowing why you’re doing it. So make sure you ask yourself, ‘am I committed to doing this?’

12. Try to avoid, what I call, energy “zappers” – whoever they are

There are lots of people out there who just take your time and hold you back. Wherever possible, get rid of them or avoid them – that way you’ll stay motivated.

13. Say “no” to things

Too many people just agree to do things. And actually, if it’s not your core focus, if it’s not there to get you to where you want to go, say “no”.

14. Simplify

If you do one thing at a time, it is easier − that’s as simple as I can make it too. So don’t overcomplicate, don’t overwhelm, just do one thing at a time. Keep it simple.

15. Revise your goals

People say having a Plan B is a mistake because it means you deviate − that’s not true. The reality is there are times when you need a Plan B, so don’t be afraid, and don’t stop revising your goals.

Goals should be a moving target, this is not a sports game where the goal is a fixed thing at the end of a pitch; your goals change as you change. So you need to have an overall ability to revise those goals, maybe even have a Plan B.

Here’s another thing, when you actually do refine your goals, they’re new and they’re exciting. So this motivates you, and that is really, really powerful because the fact of the matter is, old and boring things do not motivate you. So, don’t be afraid, as I say, to make changes.

And that’s one of the factors, by the way, behind what I call the ESTO Principle, and again that’s in the free training I’ve talked about earlier, The Entrepreneur’s System, so again, it’s on my website, completely free of charge.

16. Build some new habits

Habits are really critical for you, as a person, and to reach your goals.

Somebody who is fit and healthy has habits that relate to being fit and healthy. They don’t have to think about it, they don’t have to motivate themselves, they just do it.

17. Create a trigger

If you’ve been to one of Tony Robbins’ events, he does his wave – that is a trigger. It’s a neuro-linguistic way of getting you to automatically be in a peak state. You can create triggers − whether it’s music, whether it’s an environment, whether it’s a focus − you’ve got all sorts of things.

Create triggers, as you go along, that motivate you.

18. Feel a bit of pain

I find, when you have pain, when you are frustrated, you are, all of a sudden, motivated. Studies show that people are more inclined to take action to avoid pain than to grasp an opportunity. So, don’t be afraid to feel a bit of pain; it’ll motivate you.

And on the opposite side…

19. Visualise some pleasure

Think about what will be pleasurable when you break through the problem. If you get to where you want to go, when you get to where you want to go, visualise that pleasure, daydream if you like – that would really help you.

20. Hire some help

I’ll tell you what, when you’re paying somebody to help you, your motivation level, and your focus, time, commitment, and your general being really, really improves.

So don’t be afraid to put your hand in your pocket, give somebody some money, get them to help because when you’re hiring help, even if it’s an employee, you’re completely motivated not to waste that money − that’s not a bad thing and that’s a great way to motivate you.

21. Gamification

Make fun out of what you’re doing. Motivation has to have an element of fun in it. There are too many boring things; people have taken gamification and made it into something that impacts people’s daily lives and I would highly recommend, wherever you can, make a game of something.

Think of it with children. If you want children to do something, you play a game, it’s an education process, yes, but by making it fun, they will do it, it motivates them. You know what − it works for us adults too.


So, there you are. Now, you’ve got 21 ways to stay motivated. So I hoped that’s helped you. And remember, these things can be built on, they can solve problems immediately, they can keep you motivated, and you can motivate others, all sorts of things for it.

So I hoped that’s really helped you, because the only time you fail is when you give up on something. But remember, feel free to change; change is not a problem. In fact, changing is probably one of the best things you can do.

So I say I hope that helps, I’ve got 100s of more free resources like this and other things at my website, adrianfleming.com. So head on over there, or you can find links to things on my Facebook page or via Twitter. And you’ll see both of the addresses there.

So, thanks very much and stay motivated.

I’ll see you soon.