The A to Z of Successful Entrepreneurship and Marketing - Adrian Fleming
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The A to Z of Successful Entrepreneurship and Marketing

The A to Z of Successful Entrepreneurship and Marketing

I want you to start making major progress towards your goals as fast as humanly possible, so here’s one of my “Fast Results” resources that get people results the moment they take action.

It’s a summary of the attributes that allow you to reach your goals, on a business and personal level, fast and with much less risk and stress.

So, just click the “+” or the word to see my short description and start applying what you learn for almost instant results.

A ~ Action


Results come from taking action, not from learning about or thinking about something. My advice is to always take action because at least you’ll learn what’s working and what’s not and as Ice Hockey legend said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

B ~ Beliefs


You have to believe you can achieve what you want otherwise you’ll sabotage your results, so make sure you get more than enough support for how and why you can get the results you want and focus on your beliefs, eliminating those limiting beliefs along the way, when you set out to become successful.

C ~ Change – Care – Connect

Change – Care – Connect

If you want to be an entrepreneur then you have to accept change is going to happen, it’s a good things and you should be looking to make changes all the time. If you don’t care about your market then you’re in the wrong market because you’ll not do your best work. And when you understand and care about the market your sell to connecting with them is much easier too.

D ~ Discipline


If you are not focused, dedicated and staying on the right path you’ll almost certainly spend more time, money and effort getting to where you want to get, if you make it there at all, than you need to. Also you need to have clarity on what you want and be committed to it and all those thinsg require

E ~ E.S.T.O.


I want you to understand the framework I’ve created and apply your time, money and resources correctly based on this because that will give you the greatest results, freedom and enjoyment.

The E stands for Entrepreneurship. I define entrepreneurship as not just starting your own business it’s about moving the game on; bringing new ideas into the market that you serve. You need to innovate, not just run a business.

Next is Strategy. Now, strategy is what I would call scalable, integrated thinking; actually making things work. It’s all about high-level planning based on specific goals. When there’s a degree of uncertainty, you need a strategy. You need to be making it work.

Next is the T of ESTO, and there are three T’s actually: Tactics, Techniques and Tools. The three T’s are deployable and measurable methodologies. With the tactics, techniques and tools, you’re using things and managing things, you’re tweaking and monitoring things to see what’s working.

You must be taking specific and specified, isolated events, actions, and activities where specific objectives are the desired outcome, to enable you to operate, which bring us to the final part.

O is for Operations, the nuts and bolts of making it happen, the doing the work.

F ~ Focus


It’s easy to get distracted, especially by new opportunities, but stay focused on your desired ultimate outcome.

G ~ Goals


Goals are similar to dreams but with a measurement of time and results, so don’t confuse the two. Goals have to be defined and clearly measurable in terms of specific elements like time invested, money spent, profit made and other factors that you can use to measure your progress.

H ~ Help


Stop struggling along and making do, ask for help and pay for help because without it you’ll be struck on things that are holding you back.

I ~ Individuality


Be yourself, don’t try and be somebody else because that’s not the right way to get noticed and stay front of mind with prospects and customers

J ~ Judgement – is it right to do something


You should always be working on how to use it effectively, making the right decisions at the right time. You have to make decisions based on facts, not supposition so continually refine your skills and that will improve your judgement.

K ~ Karma


It’s simple really – treat people the right way and that will be repaid back to you.

L ~ Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value

Too many people don’t realise the best way to make serious money is by maximising the lifetime value of your customers, clients or partners. Stop only chasing and investing in new leads and sales and shift emphasis to this for medium to long-term success.

M ~ Motive


You must have a motive of your own to do what you do and you must also not what your prospect’s motive for giving you money is.

N ~ No : learn to say it


Learn to say it often and with confidence because knowing when to say “No” will actually be one of the most satisfying and profitable things you can do.

O ~ Opportunities


There is no shortage of them when you know where to look but don’t assume every single one needs to be acted upon.

P ~ Problem-Solving Ability

Problem-Solving Ability

If you can build this as a skill then you’re almost certain to be successful in whatever you decide to do.

Q ~ Questions


Questions are, after action, the next most effective way to get what you want and the great thing is that before you take action asking the right questions will make you chance of success significantly greater, even if you can’t fully answer it just yet.

R ~ Results


These are what matter because you can take the right steps when you get a result, good or bad, so start seeing outcomes as a result, not success or failure.

S ~ Self-Improvement


Successful people continually invest in this, they learn from others, read books, listen to podcasts, attend events, join masterminds, join coaching programmes.

T ~ Testing


It’s critical to do this as often as possible, in fact even when you’re running a fully resourced business, think of it as a test, that way you monitor what’s going on, try new things and continually perfect what’s happening.



You must have a Unique Selling Proposition – without it you’re treated as just a commodity and facing business life in a competitive, price led fight with others for a slice of the potential market.

V ~ Vision


This motivates you and others so make sure you have one and also can explain it to others easily and quickly so they fully understand what you’re going to achieve.

W ~ Words


You must be able to share your thoughts and feelings, whether that’s in written material, on video or talking with somebody so make sure you understand what to say, when and how get your message across effectively.

X ~ Exponential


Yes, I know I’m cheating a little with this one but you should be focused on exponential improvements and these are achieve by small incremental improvements linked to things like new technology so they drive massive change and substantial results.

Y ~ You


There’s no point being unhappy or not making progress to what you want. Stop worrying about what others think and start focusing on yourself – the world does revolve around you because it’s your world seen from your perspective.

Z ~ ZigZag


Just because everybody else is doing tings one way doesn’t mean you should too – Zig when others Zag. If what most people do was going to make you successful most people would be successful and they’re not.