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Adrian Fleming

About Adrian Fleming


I’ve been involved in marketing for over 20 years and entrepreneurship for over 15 years – developing my own ideas, angel investing in other people and their ideas, as well as working with various businesses, private investors and venture capital companies to help them maximise their return on investment for new and existing projects.


In the early 1990’s, at the age of 20, after being at University in the UK studying for my BSC(Hons) degree in Strategic Systems Management, I moved to Connecticut in the USA and worked for a Fortune 500 company on marketing and product management. I’m now back in the UK and spend my time in the Northamptonshire or overlooking Poole Harbour from Sandbanks in Dorset.


Before my time in the USA, because I grew up in a household where marketing and entrepreneurship was part of my day-to-day life through my family’s business interests, from the age of about 12 I began to understand the fundamental principles of hard work, commitment and building your skill set and resources in order to be successful in business, which is why I now have businesses and business interests in all sorts of markets.


From my younger years, I also have some old photos of myself – I was often in photo shoots for products, services and businesses my family’s marketing service business was working on.


Seeing those old photos, catalogues, brochures, pieces of direct mail and even videos, reminds me how much I’ve experienced and the variety of subject matters covered in that time and also, no matter what people say with new technologies coming in, good marketing and the fundamental techniques that work have changed very little over time, it’s just the application of them that has.


I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others, just over a coffee or speaking at events like Advertising Week in London or The Mobile Marketing Association in New York and love to discuss ideas and opportunities with fellow entrepreneur’s, it gives me energy and motivation to do and achieve more, in fact it’s what I would do even if I wasn’t paid to do it.

I want everybody who wants to expand their business to have access to my knowledge because I know it will help them

Even though I’m highly experienced in marketing and entrepreneurship, I still invest in my own education by working with and learning from other high achievers such as Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach) and Jordan Belfort, that why I’m able to continually refine the best strategies and techniques when it comes to success in business, marketing and entrepreneurship.


Outside of work I love to learn new things and apply my focus and drive for results to my hobbies too, such as motor racing – I’m what we here in the UK call a “Petrol Head”, so love cars in general, not just on a race track.



  • Be approachable
  • Be focused on what matters at all times
  • Provide honest advice and actionable information
  • Add value to all who want it, but only work with entrepreneurial people and businesses that value and pay for the benefits they receive
  • Learn from the best so I continually build on existing skills
  • Respect others and their beliefs, principles and values
  • Act in a positive and pro-active so I work with people on a “win-win” basis