Blogs: every entrepreneurs should check out - Adrian Fleming
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blogs every entrepreneurs should check out

Blogs: every entrepreneurs should check out

When it comes to blogging there are people who say it’s vital you have a blog and others hat say it’s a big commitment with very little value.

The fact is that whether you blog yourself or not, there are people, like myself, who work hard to share great, actionable content with you from their blog, it’s also a way to learn about what their audience wants and likes too – so it’s a win, win deal.

I’ve put together a list of bloggers who’ve posted really insightful and informative content that I know you’ll benefit from, the first few on a business level, but others because they’ve taken their blog and created an income and lifestyle because of it.

Blogs can be the perfect way to get noticed, promote what you do, share insight and ideas with your peers, attract commercial opportunities and, for some, do what they love and get paid for it, so take a look at what these people have done and see what you can learn and what you can model in your own situation too.