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by Adrian Fleming

With so much information collected, lessons learned and results achieved in over 20 years of being an entrepreneur I’m continually asked how to minimise costs and mistakes while at the same time maximise the results, so I set about formalising the key factors involved in being a successful entrepreneur, the result was this book. The Entrepreneur’s Book gives me the opportunity to share my experiences and through them give actionable tactics and strategies to not just inspire others but help them reach any goal they care to have.

More sales than you can handle


by Adrian Fleming

I’m not a natural sales person. In fact, if I’m honest I don’t really like selling. But as an entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses across all sorts of markets, I had to learn to do it. I’ve also employed sales people and out-performed every single one of them too because I’ve worked out what to do, what not to do and how to make sales on “autopilot”. My latest book shares much of what I’ve learned and my experiences too, making it easy for you to make sales in person, over the phone, online and in store.



by Adrian Fleming

I’ve spent years, as well as £100,000s, coming up with, working on and investing in ideas that I thought would turn my entrepreneurial passion into success, but this didn’t happen until I discovered how to systematically and easily formulate even better ideas, bringing them to market faster, with almost zero risk, lower costs and at the same time with more profit and it starts with just three simple but important elements that I will share with you right now…

Entrepreneurs Manual by adrian fleming


by Adrian Fleming

Nobody gives you a step-by-step instruction manual on how to be a successful entrepreneur, until now that is.

Business has changed and what worked before is no guarantee of success today, but by being an entrepreneur, not just a business owner, you’ll know what to do, why and how – giving you the potential to not only maximise every opportunity in every market you choose to enter, but how to also minimise risk too.

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The Difference Between Getting The Results You Dream Of Or Not

Do you want to sell more of something at a higher price with little or no more effort? If you answered yes then understanding how to create a brand and profit from it, not just spend time, money and effort doing it, is what you need. And the great thing is that brand building is actually really simple when you know how, which is what this material will do for you.



Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Digital Watermarks and Profit

Discover how some of the smartest businesses use interactive print to radically improve their sales, marketing, advertising, PR, customer service and business results. It doesn’t matter what technology you choose, interactive print, when done correctly, will radically improve your Direct Mail, Advertising, Catalogues, Brochures, Point of Sale material, Packaging and every other print item you do too.