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Welcome to Interactive Print Show

Episode 1

Interactive-Print adrian flemingAfter 20+ years of working in marketing, both traditional and digital and over 3 years delivering interactive print using technologies like Augmented Reality, QR codes, Image Recognition, Digital Watermarks and even NFC, I am really excited about the fact that today I am launching the first ever episode of the Interactive Print Show.

For quite a few months now I have been thinking about what I can best do to help every
body, not just my clients, to make the most of one of the most under utilised yet potentially profitable marketing resources, especially as people still have the same questions and concerns they did when I started working on interactive print back in the early summer of 2009.

Having delivered campaigns, developed business models, watched the good, bad and ugly applications and results of interactive print and also spend many 100s of hours, on 1,000s of interactive print items, working out what works, why and how to replicate this time and time again, I really want to use the Interactive Print Show, initially as a Podcast, to help anybody who wants to improve sales, marketing, advertising and PR, whatever their budget, wherever they live and also no matter what technology the choose to use to do it.

Over time I will also share with you details on how and why I developed award winning models in publishing and also the concept of Direct Response Publishing, first used by the UK fashion magazine iLove and now copied by others.

Rather than “drip feeding” episodes to start with, I have made sure that in the first 7 days there will be three different ones, that way I can help get you started and then provide information, interviews, actionable tip and techniques as well as success stories, about twice a month, but just in the first few episodes there will be really effective things to learn and apply that will allow you to really embrace Interactive Print in an effective and profitable way.

So in this first episode, I just want to introduce you to me, the background of the show and the basic principles behind successful interactive print and dispel misconceptions that exist around technical requirements and complexity, that way as you get started, or continue what you are already doing, you know that you can make it work, because it’s work for me and many others out there too.

I will tell you how to give me some feedback because I want to make sure I am making the show everything you want it to be and more.





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And finally, I really want to hear from anybody and everybody on what you would like to discover when it comes to interactive print, so please feel free to let me have your feedback, ideas for future episodes and people you would love me to chat with on the show to just below – I promise to read every single one and respond where relevant too.

Thank you in advance.