Condition Based Marketing And Interactive Print
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Condition Based Marketing And Interactive Print

Episode 8

Interactive-Print adrian flemingMost marketing, advertising and PR fails to correctly identify where a target market is, in terms of what I have titled it’s “Condition” and so by using an easy to follow method you can determine where your product or service sites and as such how best to apply Interactive Print for the most results.

There are also some elements that people normally have when using QR Codes that make them less attractive a proposition but by using a proven backend system that was initially developed for Digital Watermarks and Augmented Reality it’s now possible, still absolutely free of charge, to use and benefit from simple analytics and the flexibility of QR Codes too.


  • The 5 Conditions that when you know can radically improve your sales, marketing, advertising and PR results
  • Why condition-based strategy is relevant for Interactive Print
  • The Condition based PDF Worksheet to help you identify where you are
  • The new QR Code Generator with analytics and editable links






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