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Marketing Psychology and Interactive Print

Episode 6

Interactive-Print adrian flemingSo as we are now moving on to this, the sixth episode of the podcast, I want to share with you some of the psychology of what people want and how this directly relates and impacts on the success of any type of Interactive Print. The first six episodes are in a deliberate order, to help you decide what to do, why and how to do it too. As you are, I hope, starting to see the basis for successful Interactive Print is nothing to do with technology, even though this is the trigger to bigger and better things for any printed marketing, advertising or PR message you send out.

The fantastic thing is that by using our natural behaviour it’s possible to radically change the result you get and Interactive Print can really capitalise on the opportunity this gives. I hope you also see that in the early episodes I wanted to build a series of actionable techniques, almost like training, that way as we move into more example and interview based episodes the foundations would be in place for you to really profit from the Interactive Print opportunity.

In This Episode of Marketing Psychology and Interactive Print

  • What people actually want – not just from Interactive Print
  • How technology like QR Codes, Digital Watermarks and Augmented Reality can really help deliver on those wants and desires
  • How applying simple principles and a simple Interactive Print execution can actually be one of the best ways to generate results
  • Why the Interactive Print budget has very little, if any, impact on success






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