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markets I'm in or have been

Markets I’m in now and have been involved in over the last 15 years

Many people talk about and teach marketing, business strategy and entrepreneurship but I’m never sure they have real life experience in any more than one or two markets at most and sometimes they are just taking what they’ve learned from somewhere else and “spinning it” to make it sound like they’re an expert – that to me is wrong!

I believe that before you offer help to others, especially on the subject of entrepreneurship, you should have literally “put your money where your mouth is” and started or, at least co-founded multiple businesses in multiple market sectors, that way you can speak with real world experience.

What I wanted to do in this post is share with you just some of the industries I’m in now and have been involved in over the last 15 years – not just as an investor, share-holder or advisor either but as the founder, co-founder or, at the very least, a major shareholder who’s also part of the team that strategically drives the business forward.

In every market I’ve listed below, these businesses are not “one man bands” or ideas that never got off the ground, they have real offices, staff, suppliers and customers, one even attracted an 8-figure venture capital investment.

I’ve been a marketer for over 20 years and have literally created campaigns for 1,000s of different products and services for other people – in fact too many to list here as it ranges from toys to heavy construction equipment, food and drink to luxury cars, on a business-to-business and business-to-consumer basis. This background on its own sets me apart from most other marketers and that’s before you add the significant benefits having all the business and entrepreneurship experience – this combination has created a real USP.

I’m not telling you this to brag, I’m sharing this with you because I want to reassure you that whatever I post here on this website or discuss with you in person, is based on real life experience, not idealistic theory or limited commercial experience. As an entrepreneur, just like you, when I get things wrong it costs me time, money and effort and I don’t like to make a loss – I’m sure you don’t either.

Because I have more than 20 years of marketing and 15 years or entrepreneurship experience, I’m able to virtually eliminate risk and maximise my return on investment, I can do this because during that time I’ve systematically discovered and documented what works, what doesn’t and why – that’s also the reason I’m always on the look-out for the right people to work with and ideas to work on, and, in some cases, invest in.

And one more thing to mention, because some people ask me:

“Does what you do only work in the UK?”

I can tell you with complete confidence, having worked in the US and owned businesses with interests overseas, in addition to working with staff and suppliers in the Philippines, India and throughout Europe, as well as the UK, and having offices in China that manage £millions worth of items we develop and have produced there every year…

…Yes what I’ve developed works internationally and I can even tell you what the subtle differences need to be to really maximise the result – but that’s for another time.

So here are some of the markets I’m involved in now or have been involved in, as an entrepreneur, “putting my money where my mouth is” as well as my time and effort:

  • Marketing Services– Online and Offline
  • Magazine Publishing – Physical Print and Digital Titles
  • Mobile and Tablet App Development
  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Social Media Platforms and Services
  • Film and TV Show Creation and Production
  • Mobile Phone Sales – Consumer and Business to Business
  • Gifts and Seasonal Products
  • Book Publishing
  • Foreign Students Looking to Study at UK Universities
  • Litho and Digital Print
  • Art
  • Women’s Fashion and Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Security and Surveillance

Some of you may ask, rightly so: “What’s allowed you to enter and be successful in multiple markets?”

The answer’s simple: business is all about marketing and entrepreneurship, once you have these two things “sorted” you can fill in the specific gaps and have the relevant operational tasks carried out quite easily.

So let me give you an hand with the entrepreneurship part because if you have a business already, have an idea and want to start a business, need to find out what’s not working in a business, even how to minimise risk if you invest in or partner with somebody else in their business, I’ve got just the thing, and it’s free.

Recently I created my Entrepreneur’s Checklist, which provides a series of questions to ask that, in my experience, virtually eliminates risk and will also tell me, and now you, where to focus attention to maximise the potential profits too.

So if you want to get this 100% Free, just click here.