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Please answer the questions on this page, or if it’s better and easier for you, just reply to the email with this link with your answers.

Everything in this application will remain 100% confidential at all times and there are no right or wrong answers – it’s not a test.

Please don’t feel you have to write “War and Peace” below, I just want to get an basic insight in to you so we can see if we’re a good “fit” and then I can follow up on the phone and talk in detail with you.

If you do want to write a bit more, the boxes will expand so don’t worry – what you want to write and share is what’s most important here.

Speak to you soon,



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What business (or businesses) are you involved in?

What would you consider yourself an expert in?

What are you goals and expectations for the next 12 and 36 months?

What’s your turnover and profitability like now and what would you like it to be?

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How do you feel you’ll benefit from being part of the Mastermind Alliance?

What do you feel you can add to the Mastermind Alliance?

Tell me a little bit about yourself, your background and accomplishments to date?

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