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Mastermind Alliance

I have an idea and I’d like to share it with you.

I’ve attended business and entrepreneurship events large and small, probably just like you. I’ve also spent significant sums of money joining and attending high-level mastermind groups and coaching programs organised by other experts too and each time I’ve been frustrated.

Here in the UK I feel that we’re been deprived of the best material, leading edge insight and experience based advice – why am I saying this?

Business and the opportunities in the UK and Europe aren’t the same as they are in places like the US, there are subtle differences and, in my opinion, the best mastermind organisers and their events require you to get on a plane and fly to the US, which is OK but far from ideal and then you have to take what’s been said and apply it to our market.

I’ve found in groups I’ve belonged to in the past, that the organiser or host has too narrow a view of business and often isn’t speaking from the heart and with personal experience, especially when you’re not in the same industry as they are. Yes you can learn things in other masterminds but that’s not enough.

Fundamentally a mastermind group should be there to deliver new ideas and strategies that allow you to quickly, easily and with far lower risk and investment, generate new business and substantially increase your profits. It’s also there to energise you and help forge new relationships that open up new opportunities through contacts in the “black books” of fellow members.

You probably already know if this is something you want in on, if it is here’s my idea and how you can help.

Just as with other things I do, I want to break the “So-Called Rules” of mastermind groups and I want you to help me do that by inviting you to join me in creating the best and most effective mastermind program, certainly in the UK, maybe even in Europe or globally.

For me, and I’m guessing you too, a true mastermind group should not be a way for the organiser to charge £10,000 or more a year for membership; what it should be is a way to connect a select group of successful, motivated and like-minded people who add value to each other, share experiences, expertise, contacts and ideas – just as Napoleon Hill did with his “Mastermind Alliance”.

So if you’re looking to exponentially grow your business and profitability this very special, by invitation and application only mastermind group is for you, but remember it’s a mastermind, not a coaching group – we all add value by working collectively for mutual benefit.

There are no specific criteria to qualify for membership, you don’t need to have a business that has a specific minimum turnover, number of employees, been in business for a given period of time, or be trading in a specific market. Our Mastermind Alliance will be made up of the best possible people with the right personality and attitude.

house stairsThe group will meet 4 times a year at Home House – “London’s most exclusive private members’ club” and officially “The Best Members Club”, because the Mastermind Alliance is all about being the best and the surroundings and facilities we meet in are part of making that happen (no disrespect to hotel conference facilities but it’s just not the same).

I’ve also planned to have a very select number of high-profile international entrepreneurs attend and share their expertise from time to time if that’s what the group wants, and some have already been spoken to and are excited – but let’s get things up and running first.

So here’s the information you’re no doubt asking and need to know:

The Mastermind Alliance has to be extremely limited in order to be truly effective and will probably be limited to just 8 or 10 members.

The investment is anything but a limiting factor through – all it will be is covering the cost of meeting up, so under…

…£500 for the full year.

If it costs more then I’ll pick up the bill, that’s how committed I am to our group.

My vision is to make sure that every Mastermind Alliance member gets value that’s many times their investment – as that’s what I expect to get by being there and why I’m making this happen.

I want to turn your investment in time and money into at least £100,000+ of additional value by the end of the year!

So if you’re serious about being even more successful than you are now and working with like minded people, by joining what promises to become the most effective mastermind group in the UK (and why wouldn’t you?), then please contact me for further details and an invitation to join.