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295 Tools and Resources for Entrepreneurs


by Adrian Fleming

Right now is arguably the best time ever to be an entrepreneur because of the global market we all operate in, which has risks and rewards that those who can capitalise on can profit from financially and in terms of lifestyle too – those that can’t, or worse still will not benefit from, are at risk.

Being an entrepreneur is never easy, but by using this guide you can find resources and use your resourcefulness in a highly effective and efficient way to turn your goals in to results and those results in to exactly what you want, whatever that may be.


by Adrian Fleming

We live in a global economy, so I created this report to highlight some of the best resources out there that you can use to produce items that will add significant value without adding significant costs.

As entrepreneurs, you and I are always thinking of new ideas and how we can efficiently and effectively take them to market, so with this report you can find great suppliers for all sorts of tasks, in an instant.


by Adrian Fleming

Whenever I’m approached by somebody to invest in them, or their business, this checklist is my first and fastest to implement tool, which is why, up until now, it was kept so to speak “under lock and key” because it’s made me a lot of money and saved me even more.

Success is not accidental and across every business, whether you provide products, services or a combination of both, to consumers or businesses, the simple way of achieving what you set out to do, and more, is to follow a proven system.

The fastest and easiest way to work out what you have, what you don’t have and what you need to refine is to use a checklist, so this is what I’ve created.

If you have more than 50% of what’s provided here working well, your chance of success is, in my experience, more than doubled and the risk of failure is almost negligible, but more exciting still is that as you reach 80%+ you can expect exceptional results.


It’s no secret that too many people and businesses spend too much money on promotional activities without seeing the benefit they expect.

Having worked on all forms of marketing, advertising and PR projects for more than 20 years, ranging from sponsorship of an F1 team, TV ads and national press advertising campaigns at one end of the cost scale all the way through to personalised direct mail campaigns, Facebook advertising and brochure production at the other, even though I say it myself, there are very few people with my level of practical, real world experience.

I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies in the US and well known international brands through to entrepreneurs just starting out in business with little or no budget, I also apply these rules to my own businesses too, so totally understand how everybody can minimise mistakes and maximise results across all forms of marketing, advertising, PR or any other promotional activity.

Over the years, so I could virtually guarantee the maximum return on investment (ROI), I created and refined a simple checklist to follow that up until now was only used for my internal teams, but now I’m sharing this checklist with you, as I hate nothing more than seeing people unnecessarily wasting time, money and effort in their sales and marketing.

And before you ask, I’ve used these rules in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) situations and I markets as diverse as industrial adhesives to luxury women’s fashion, mobile and tablet Apps to construction and many more too.